• Full Service Lab
• LVI Trained Technicians
• PTC Certified Technicians
• Authentic Certified Technicians
Las Vegas Chompers
  Las Vegas Chompers is an
exclusive laboratory specializing in:

Cosmetic Dental Work
Manufacturing of Dental Prosthesis
Veneers, Dentures, Crowns
Removable and Fixed Orthotics
Full Mouth Reconstruction, Neuromuscular

Las Vegas Chompers also
does Custom Mouthguards

Wrestling • Boxing • Karate • Football
All types of physical sports
that involve face contact


  You Don't Need To Go To The Dentist To Get A Professional Custom Mouthguard!

Don't overpay middleman fees. Impressions of your mouth are done in our office.
Week turnaround time from start to finish. Any color, any design - best prices.